Who is Atsushi Yamamoto ?

Hello hello

My name is Atsushi, and I’m a 3rd year Business and Computer Science student at University of British Columbia!

I’m currently working as a software engineering intern at Prynt in SF.

Beside from perfecting my green tea brewing, I enjoy going for a run late at night as well as playing around with Ruby on Rails.

Once you know below facts about me, we’re basically best buddies:

  • I’m 100% Japanese (konnichiwaaa)
  • I have many siblings (and guess who’s the youngest)
  • I’m really into eating avocado with soy sauce recently (believe me, it changed my world)
  • If there’s an event with free cookies on campus, I will be there (and you should be too)
  • I love hackathons! (especially ones with travel reimbursements 😏)

You cool and me cool, so we should definitely connect on Twitter :D

Contact me 👋

Email: yamaatsushi927@gmail.com

Twitter: @jumbosushi


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